Gaia Data Release 1 (DR1)

First Gaia Data Release on September 14th!

Welcome to the First Gaia Data Release (DR1)!

On this page, you’ll find all contents related to the First Gaia Data Release (Gaia-DR1) from September 14th onwards.


 What does DR1 include?

  • Positions and G magnitudes for all stars with acceptable formal standard errors on positions. For this release, it is assumed that at least 90% of the sky can be covered.
  • Photometric data based on high-cadence measurements.
  • At least five parameters for each star, together with appropriate estimates of their uncertainties and correlations.

If you want to deep into what the Gaia mission is and its main goals, watch this documentary produced by Klaus Jäger and Stefan Jordan:

For further details, visit Gaia Data Release Scenario.


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