Gaia Data Processing and Analysis Consortium

The processing and presentation of the Gaia data is the responsibility of 9 coordination units (CUs) that together form the Gaia Data Processing and Analysis Consortium (DPAC).

  • Two units provide development support, CU1 for technical aspects, and CU2 through data simulations.
  • Three units are responsible for the data processing, CU3 for the astrometric data, CU5 for the photometric data and CU6 for the spectroscopic data.
  • Three units do basic data analysis on the processed data, CU4 for double stars, orbital binaries and solar system objects, CU7 for variable stars, and CU8 for spectral classification.
  • Finally, CU9 will take care of the intermediate and final publication of the Gaia data.

The activities of the CUs are coordinated through the DPAC Executive (DPACE), which consists of the CU managers, the DPACE chair and deputy chair, and, as observers, the project scientist and the project coordinator.

DPACE meets twice a year and in between has monthly video conferences. The DPACE is the main point of contact for the Gaia Project Team at European Space research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) at ESA  for all issues to do with data processing and publication. Other specialist committees coordinate the activities of the data processing centres and various calibration tasks.

Text source: Gaia in the UK


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